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International transport throughout Europe

With an excellent location in Venlo (NL) Theo Faassen Transport N.V. is close to the German and Belgian border, with direct access to the motorways, good accessibility of the North Sea ports and the whole of Europe.


Our company

The logistics world is a world that is constantly changing, and that is exactly what we like about it. It also suits us as a family business. We have short lines of communication with a fixed contact person and are therefore able to decide and act quickly.

Theo Faassen Transport was founded over forty years ago and originally specialised in the transport of caravans and boats. Over the years our activities have expanded to include the transportation of campers, mobile homes, cars, trucks, agricultural machinery and the repatriation of vehicles throughout Europe.

In 2011 the activities were expanded with expedition transport. We now have daily lines to Paris and Lyon and weekly options for the Benelux, Germany and the rest of France, among others. In 2019, we put our warehouse into operation. This allows us to work in an even more customer-oriented way.

Recently, due to the growing demand for the fast and cost-effective transport of smaller shipments of 1-3 pallets, we have started distribution transport. From our depot in Venlo we serve part of the region Limburg and the Ruhr in Germany for deliveries and collections.

In short, just like the logistics world, Theo Faassen is always on the move.

Quality and safety

Safety is of the utmost importance during the performance and smooth running of the transports. Our fleet and drivers are equipped with certified personal protective equipment (PPE). Our quality process is described within ISO 9001 and our employees work in accordance with this standard. We strive for constant quality and continuous improvement by investing in our employees, technology and equipment.


100% classified as V or VI, our fleet meets the latest environmental requirements. We closely monitor the fuel consumption of our entire fleet to keep CO² emissions as low as possible. Our automation system is connected to the on-board computers of the trucks, which enables optimal route planning. We also have our own tyre line to ensure that the profile and pressure of the tyres are optimal; a better environment with the right tyre pressure.


The maintenance and repairs of the vehicle fleet are carried out in our own workshop. This has the advantage that we can keep our fleet in optimal condition and respond immediately to calamities on the road.

The APK inspections take place under our own management and in our construction workshop we can build and furnish special combinations for exceptional transport. The entire construction can be designed or adapted by ourselves.

Because we have our own Drive-Over-Reader, we can monitor the tyre pressure, profile and weight at any time.

Theo Faassen Transport, your transport partner with over 40 years of experience!

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