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From our base in Venlo, Theo Faassen Expeditie offers customers logistics solutions throughout Europe. From FTL to groupage, our efficient working methods enable us to offer you fast and flexible logistics options throughout Europe. 

We have daily services to Paris and Lyon and weekly services to the Benelux, Germany and the rest of France.


From loose boxes to aggregates, from crates to rolls, Faassen Expeditie has a suitable solution for you.

Pallet Goods

Standard, EURO and block pallets as well as pallets with different dimensions are shipped by Faassen Expeditie. We can offer a suitable solution for every kind of pallet.


Whether the paper is on pallets or packed per roll, it needs to be handled and transported with care. At Faassen Expeditie we handle your goods with the utmost care. Not only during loading and unloading, but throughout the entire journey.


Every week Faassen Expeditie takes care of the transport of steel throughout France and the Benelux. For both groupage and FTL there is a solution for you. Thanks to our multifunctional trailers we can load and unload from the side or top. Regardless of the type and dimensions, a solution can be found to flexibly and efficiently transport your goods.


Besides steelwork Faassen Expeditie also offers the transportation of coils. With special coil trailers Faassen Expeditie ensures a safe transport for your goods.

Other transport

There is also a suitable solution for goods that fall outside the above categories. For all options please contact the planning department of Expedition.

Are you looking for a professional solution to your transport problem?

Contact Theo Faassen Expeditie at +31 (0)77-3216234 expeditie@faassen.net.


Theo Faassen Expeditie N.V. handles virtually all shipments using a varied fleet of vehicles:

- standard tautliners
- mega-trailers
- coil trailers
- trailers with tailgate

This means that we can always find a suitable option for you. Our trailers are maintained and inspected under our own management, so they are in good condition on the road.


 We work fast and directly, our motto is not for nothing FFF FastFasterFaassen

Our warehouse in Venlo is a good example of this. The incoming goods are immediately reloaded without unnecessary storage. 

Planning ensures that the international shipments are picked up as late as possible and that the right trucks are available within 24 hours. This applies to both pallets and oversized goods. 

Our distribution department unloaded and loaded our truck from the collection depot within 45 minutes over 2 local routes. This is thanks to the logical set-up with short routes, the right equipment, skilled employees and a clear planning of the X-dock and the trips.



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